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Experience our wolves at the Wolfcenter Doerverden, Germany

RV in Canadian Mountain, Canada, Roadtrip, Canadian Rocky Mountains
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Wolf, Northern Light Center, Golden, wolfpark in Canada, Timberwolf, canis lupus lycaon, Canadian wolf
parking lot wolfcenter Doerverden
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exhibition, red deer, wolf, mounted specimen, mounted wolf, wolves, grey wolves, of wolves and men
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exhibition, mounted grey wolves, red deer, human defending his game
grey wolf, female wolf stalking, conference room, seminar room, technical equipment
taking pictures without a fence, special window for photography, fence modified to take better pictures of wolves
enjoying lunch and dinner in an cosy atmosphere, cozy atmosphere
nursing wolf pup by hand, hand raising puppy, grey wolf puppy, Frank Fass, wolf pup drinking formula
guided tour, explaining the biology of wolves to visitors, giving informations to visitors, lecturing biological facts of wolves, wolfcenter doerverden
Czechoslovakian Wolfdog, Livestock Guardian Dog, dog guarding sheep, sheep and dog
howling wolves, grey wolf howl, canis lupus lupus singing
wolves with prey, grey wolves feeding, zoo keeper feeds wolves, watching wolves feed
petting zoo, tame goat
natural playground, playing in the nature, climbing an balancing on timber, children having fun on playground
celebrating in rustic atmosphere, buffet for your party, partyin in our trapper fort
sleep between the wolf enclosures in our tepee tents, camping in wolfcenter, tepee tent village
sleep in the luxury tree house hotel tree inn, tree house with plank bridge, watching wolves through large windows
Christina Fass, Frank Fass, CEO wolfcenter, owner wolfcenter
Frank and his wife Christina with wolves, Frank Fass, Christina Fass, canis lupus lupus, European Grey Wolf, Grey Wolves and humans, wolf licking human ear
Frank and Christina Fass in one of the wolf enclosures of the Wolfcenter Doerverden, Frank and Christina with their grey wolves, canis lupus lupus, wolf walking to human, wolf laying before human
Christina Fass petting a grey wolf, Christina Fass with canis lupus, woman pets wolf, CEO wolfcenter

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